Questions about Post Frame Buildings

What is post frame?

Post frame buildings and pole barns are the same thing. They are efficient structures whose primary framing system is comprised of wood trusses. The trusses are connected to vertical timber columns or sidewall posts. The foundation system of a post frame building is unique – the columns, posts, or poles can be buried in the ground making up the foundation, which eliminates the need for a footer.

What are wood trusses?

Wood Trusses are triangular frames of lumber that are joined together by galvanized steel connector plates.

What are the benefits of post frame buildings?

One of the benefits of post frame construction is that it allows for economical, heavily insulated buildings. Heath Building’s most common exterior wall covering is pre-painted 45-year warranty, 29 gauge steel siding.

As with the siding, the most common roof cladding for Heath Building’s structures is pre-painted 45-year warranty, 29 gauge steel roofing.

Post frame construction eliminates the need of a concrete footer, which helps cut down cost, and will ultimately speed up your building project.

Questions about Heath Buildings

Why choose Heath Buildings?

Heath Buildings employs three crews and rarely subcontracts out, so they control and maintain the quality of their work. That quality construction is what has kept them in business since 1972.

Heath Buildings also owns and operates its own truss plant, which ensures that its crews will always have the materials they need. You get to design your building, so every job is custom; there are no cookie-cutter packages to choose from.

Can I build it myself?

If you would prefer to construct your building with your own two hands, you can absolutely do that! Heath Buildings will help you design what you want, and then they will gather the materials and sell you a one-of-a-kind building package.

How much does Heath Building charge per square foot?

Square foot cost varies on a case-by case basis. It depends on a number of factors such as the number of windows and doors, ceiling heights and the truss layouts and designs.

To get your quote as quickly as possible, sketch out or write down as many details as possible before obtaining a consultation. Then, give us a call at 270-247-2210 to schedule an appointment, so we can get started creating your perfect structure.